Hi, We're Sam & Dot; two rescue pups who mean the world to our Dad. It's also the name of our dog collar collection that was created to make sure that dogs, just like us, could always find their way back home. No matter how far we wander off, we always have our name and dads phone number engraved right into the one thing we own, our collar.

Our vision is that all dogs find and have a forever home.

How did we start?

Our Journey started back in 2021 when the world was a different place for everyone. After being an active member of the dog adoption community and knowing 1 in 4 dogs get lost at some point in their life, we couldn't sit back and watch the pain any further. We created our collars to be able to engrave the dogs name and your contact number right into the buckle. That ment nothing could get caught and nothing could fall off. There was always a way to find home. Safety and peace of mind came together with a touch of style to show pride and belonging.

Our mission is to bring peace of mind to all dog parents.

Beauty and Peace of Mind

Whether it's with one of our cute, safe and practical collars with their name and your number engraved right into the buckle. Or, it's with one of our engraved ID Tags that you can fit onto your current collar.

We're here to give you complete peace of mind the second that front door opens, you know they can find their way home.