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If Your Dogs Name Matches Our Daily Dog Name, You Can Order an Engraved ID Tag From Us FOR FREE

Time left to claim a name...

As Seen In

Each day this week, we are going to post two dogs name on our Instagram account & here.

If thats the same name as your dog, claim it, because you can order a FREE Engraved Dog Tag from us. It's that easy!


What is your Dogs Name?

We're getting dog name inspiration from our past customers & names we hear in the dog park, but...  

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Rules That Help Control The Fun

This is game is open to Dogs in Hong Kong and their owners who are older than 16 years of age. This game will run from Monday 17th April 2023 through to Sunday 23rd April 2023. There will be a total of Two (2) dog names called per day for 7 days making for 14 dog names in total over the 7 days. There will be a total of 10 tags given away in total per day. Once these 10 tags are claimed in a day there will be no more on offer. A day is considered from 00:01 HKT to 23:59 HKT. 

To claim a Free Engraved Dog Tag, you must contact Sam & Dot through Samanddot.com ("The Website") by using the "Claim Your Dogs Name" Form. You have 24 hours from the time of Instagram Post that contains the same name as your dog to claim the free tag. 

Once claimed, there will be no subsitutes to the name to be engraved into the name tag other than the name that is posted. Minor spelling changes will be allowed subject to Sam & Dot Managment. The customer can choose to have one or two contact numers also engraved at their choice. 

The customer may also choose any style or color ID tag that is available in stock.

Sam & Dot Management have the final say on all rulings during this time. Sam & Dot Management will always have the final say. The game rules may be updated or changed without notice. Sam & Dot Management reserve the right to end or extend the game at any point before, during or after the game timeline as set out herewithin. Where this page is translated into another language, the orginal copy in English will take be used as truth. No purchase or registration is needed to partake in this game. Registering your dogs name will not increase your chances of winning. 

All Winners must pay for shipping as processed at checkout at Samanddot.com  (HKD $20)