The Groovy Baby Engraved Dog Collar Design

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  • MADE FOR THE ROUGHEST DOGS - Including the dogs that swim and hike! They're flexible, durable, and made with high-quality cotton webbing and metal clip.
  • MADE FOR THE DIRTIEST DOGS - They're machine washable. Throw them in the washing machine and they're good as new in 15 minutes. 
  • MADE FOR EVERY SIZE OF DOG - Our collars are adjustable so you can get just the right fit on your dog. Not only that, they are available in different sizes to fit every dog from a Chihuahua to a Labrador.
  • MADE FOR PEACE OF MIND FOR YOU - Their name and your number is permanently engraved into the buckle. Cant fall off, cant scratch off... ever. 
  • MADE TO NOT GET CAUGHT - No hanging or dangling tags that can get caught or hooked. Unlike attachable ID Tags, we engrave the details into the buckle. So the ‘Clanging’ at 2am wont be an issue ;) 
  • MADE FOR THE HARNESS WEARING DOG - Comfort, Protection, and Safety, our collars fit with most popular harnesses so you don’t need to ever take the collar off.
  • MADE WITH A 50 DAY DURABILITY TEST - We're so confident on the strength of our collars, we'll give you 50 days for your dog to break their collar, If they do, we'll replace it for free.

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The Matching Leash

Made ofhigh-quality cotton webbing, metal clasp,and a ring for a poo bag attachment.

Machine Washable, Just toss it in the washing machine inside a Sports Sock and that’s it!

The Matching Bow Tie

Made of high-quality cotton webbing.

Detachable - Attaches via two high-grip velcro straps that wraps around the collar.

Effortless to attach to the collar for when your pup needs to put their best foot forwards.

Wash with warm soapy water.

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  • Delia Guastella Monti

    "I have purchased 3 collars and a leash and truly happy with my purchases. Zac is very helpful with any questions I have and the delivery of the items is so fast. I have shared my experiences with my friends."

  • Pinky Tinky



    "My beautiful bohemian collar from Sam and Dot! They even engraved my name and number on the clip for free (which is much safer than a dangling tag)."

  • Julie Jardine


    "Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE our Daizy Dayz collar … wanted something cute and unique but of excellent quality … not disappointed … nor is Daizy, 1. Because she is super cute in it and 2. Because she has a collar design with the same name as her."

  • Holly Jordon

    "I love these collars! They are so cute and easy to keep clean plus not too heavy around our pups necks! They work too- only this week one of our pups wandered off and during our search, a lovely lady called me on the number on the collar to ask if we had lost our dog called Elsa! Brilliant! The collar works and looks great too"

  • Debroah S


    "Received this beautiful dog collar and lead today. The set is so gorgeous. Quality materials and perfect engraving. Love the bow for the fancy touch. Thank you so much 🥰"

  • Maltose_TheGolden


    "You can customise your collar by having your name and your hooman’s number engraved on it - sounds perfect for explorer like me 🐾 and Mama feels calmer now 😬"

  • Cleo Bug


    "You made a shelter doggie very happy today !! A very happy girl in her @sam_and_dot collar 🥳 now all we need is a rose gold chain to match 😂🫶"

  • Jenny W F


    "Great collars! Our 3 girls look great in their funky collars, so many cool designs."

Hi, We're Sam & Dot!

Sam & Dot, are two rescue pups but also a collar collection created to make sure that dogs, no matter how far they wandered off, would always find their way back home.

Whether it's with one of our cutest, safest and utterly practical collars with their name and your number engraved right into the buckle. Or, it's with one of our engraved ID Tags that you can fit onto your current collar.

Either way, we want to give you complete peace of mind.