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Sam and Dot

February's Pawsome Package For Ultimate Dog Mums

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  1. A Customised Red Dog Collar with their name and your contact number laser engraved into the buckle.

    Alleviate the anxiety in the event that your dog becomes lost or runs off. With the dog's name and your contact number engraved into the collar, you are providing a way for someone to easily identify the dog and contact you if the dog becomes lost. 

  2. A Matching Red Leash For Walking. Nothing says love & care for your dog with a matching leash for walkies.

    A 1.2m long leash to let your dog do their thing while you always being in control. Equipped with a D ring so you can clip on your Poo Bag holder.

  3. A Red Fabric Poo Bag Holder because you're Sick of losing the top off your old plastic holder and getting caught short of bags.

    The fabric poo bag holder is both stylish and practical, allowing you to easily dispense and store poo bags while out on walks. When you start to get low on your roll there is room to store a back up roll so you never get short! No more awkward moments.

  4. 10 Weeks of Poo Bags so you can say goodbye to the awkward moment of being caught short of bags out on a walk.

    We’ve all been there, you’re on a busy street but to your dog its the perfect place for when nature calls, only to look down at your roll holder to see you have no more bags left! AWKWARD.Say goodbye to this feeling with 10 weeks worth of roles, that's 240 bags!The rolls fit into our fabric poo bag holder where there is also room to store a back up when your main roll is getting low!

  5. Upgrade to GOLD Buckles because nothing says LOVE, care and pride for your dog with gold buckles on their collars and leash.

    All our collars come in silver hardware, both the collars and the leashes.For Free we’re going to upgrade your pup to have GOLD plated buckles to give them their best paw forwards.We’ll also laser engrave their name and your number in for FREE.

  6. A Matching Bowtie because we want your friends and family to gush over your pup.

    Show off your handsome pup to your friends and family and have them looking sharp! The matching bowtie velcro's right onto the collar for that perfect photo moment; Its the perfect accessory. Not to mention all the likes on Instagram and Facebook you’re going to get!

  7. Free Shipping; Fast, trusted and delivered to your door.

    To get this package to you quickly and safely, we’re going to pay to have this Pawesome package shipped to you door with our friends at SF Express