Earn 100 treats for joining The Pack and be the first to know about our special promotions & giveaways.


    The more you spend, the more you share your adventure, the more treats you'll receive.


    The more Treats you have, the more money we'll give you to spend in store!

What It Means To Be In The Pack

In the Pack, our currency is TREATS! The more Treats you earn, the more you save! 

You'll earn Treats for every purchase on our online store. 

You’ll also earn Treats for sharing Sam & Dot on socials PLUS if you refer your friends and family to Sam & Dot you both score! When they use your unique referral link they get a hefty discount and you score treats.

Redeem your Treats for $$ off in our store!

  • Signing Bonus

    Earn 150 Treats just for signing up to join The Pack

  • 10 Treats for Every $10

    Earn 10 Treats for every $10 you spend with us.

  • Celebrating Your Birthday

    Earn 200 Treats from us on your Birthday because every Birthday should be a party!

  • Refer A Friend

    Your Friend will instantly get 15% off from us, and when they purchase you'll earn 150 Treats

  • Like Us on Facebook

    Earn 100 Treats just for following us on Facebook.

  • Share on Facebook

    Earn 100 Treats for sharing Samanddot.com on your Facebook.

  • Follow Us on Instagram

    Earn 100 Treats just for following us on Instagram

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    Earn 600 Treats and we'll give you $25 off your next order.


    Earn 1,000 Treats and we'll give you $50 off your next order.

You Have Question, We Have Answers!

Unlike other clubs, you can talk about this one ;)

Pack Rewards

Couldn't be easier. Just click 'Join The Pack'. Thats it. There are no requirements.

Click on the pink 'Star' logo located at the bottom of our website to log in. Everything regarding points, rewards, and referrals, will be in this tab.

Once logged into Sam & Dot (either above on th site, or below through the pink Star), click on the pink Star down the bottom. Here you'll find your

  • Treat balance
  • How many Treats left until your next Reward
  • See the different ways you can earn rewards. (nb: If the reward is faded, it means you've already claimed it.)
  • Your unique referal code

To earn Treats you need to join the pack. Please make sure you Join The Pack before your first purchase! Then for every purchase there after, just make sure you use the same email address that you signed up with to check out (or check you're logged in) and the treats will be added to your account. 10 Treats for ever $1 spent.

You need to share your own unique referral link to your friends so they can claim the discount and you receive your Treats.

To find your unique referral link that you can share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Whatsapp...

  1. Make sure you're logged in
  2. Click on the Pink Star at the bottom
  3. Scroll down to find your Unique URL
  4. Share that URL with whoever you like!

Your Freinds will need to click on that link to get to the site and then make their purchase! Thats it!

Once you've earned enough Treats to redeem a reward, simply click on the reward available and copy the code provided to redeem!

Treats are based on The Hong Kong Dollar. All Treats and rewards are based, caluclated & Linked to the Hong Kong Dollar.

Ready To Join The Pack?

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